We found a most wonderful thing this morning !!

When we went out to start outside work we found a huge pile of firewood. I knew it didn't come from the guy I was going to buy some from but I didn't know who else might have left it. I felt like it was real but a part of me kept thinking maybe it was delivered here by mistake and someone would come back for it.

Well, we just found out that it was our neighbor and the wood is for us :) :) :) They had lost a tree last Spring to lightening and they thought we could use the wood :) :) :) There's probably a whole cord or more ! It was a big Red Oak. We're quite used to the smell and it burns long and hot so a little goes a long way. How wonderful !!

Now I must think of an excellent way to say thank you :) The joy !
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Windows of thoughts and dreams, realities and imagination.

We slept with the windows open.

The night air filled the house with the scents and sounds of clean, fresh, darkness. And I began to dream.

My dream was filled with party goers, and masks and much dancing. The tinkling of glass on glass and the feeling of anticipation.

There was laughter and talking and, in the corners here and there, urgent whispers of what, I do not know.

The world herself seemed infused with revelry as lovers began to quietly take their leave to secret destinations, accompanied by the flickering glow of candlelight.

Soon, as fate would have it, I discovered that I alone remained. And so I danced, till morning came to wake me.
Juli 2007

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