I used to draw and paint folk-art folk every once in a while but haven't in quite some time. Recently I was asked about doing some and so started thinking about them. I did several sketches this morning and then painted this one. It's just for my Sisters but kind of got me in the folk people mood.
A lot of people don't care for folk art, I've heard it call many things and none of them meant to flatter. Among those descriptions is often "childish" which I think fits it well. I think that it's thru simplistic childlike expression that we can often truly find ourselves and more easily speak the truth of our souls.

Anyway, it is what it is :)


earth heart said...

Well, I for one just love this! I had to smile when I read your words, "It is what it is". I use that same expression a lot myself. :)

TheresaJ said...

I think you work is lovely.

Cathe said...

This illustration is of MY sisters and ME, also. Their features are remarkably similar, but it is the energy and spirit of this painting that moved me.

That's me on the left, I'm the youngest. My oldest sister is the one on the right. She was somehow always the little sister in life. Sadly, she passed on suddenly at the young age of 40. That actually looks like her. My middle sister also looks like that, with red wavy hair, and remains the strongest of the three, the one who continues to hold me up. This picture brought tears to my eyes. Just lovely.

Thanks for your visit to my blog and helping me name my painting. BTW, Springfield, Mo. is my hometown! If you're ever on Commercial Street, stop in and visit my sister, Jennifer, at her shop, Red Books and Chairs.

Have a beautiful day.

Jennifer said...

I wiped the tears from my eyes when I saw your beautiful 'Sisters' painting. My sister, Cathe sent it to me. There is no relationship more intimate to the soul than a sister's.