Star Date 8.01.06

It's funny how trivial chaos can so get in the way of truly living.

I still list my art on eBay but I've also listed it on Etsy now, it seems to have a better venue for my style and the costs to list are much lower.


I hadn't painted in weeks, started 3 new paintings then just quit and haven't finished them. Last night at around 2am she came back, my muse :) and I hope to have at least one done in the next few days. It feels so good to dip brush in paint and dance paint on canvas.

Also, it's been over 4 months since I quit smoking and I'm starting to feel kind of like a non-smoker. It feels good :) And to add to the Irish Jig of Joy, I've lost all the weight I gained when I quit and some extra :)

I've started learning Bellydancing :)

Ok, I'm off to bed, I hope everyone has reason to dance.


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